Music World is a company that install hi end-audio and video, from plasma televisions and panels, LCD-TVs, projectors to home theatres in residential as well as lodges. We provide our customers high-quality equipment from world famous manufacturers. We have solid experience with design studios and architects. We guarantee high quality and efficiency.

Our company represents electronic components and acoustic systems, which effectively dovetail into one another and allow composing the sets with high quality audio and video playback.

Applying of the experience of successful work in the market of audio-video, Hi-Fi and High-End equipment Music World the company have the honour to offer you the following services for houses, cottages, clubs, offices, bars, etc.:
Design, installing, and configuring the elite audio-video systems (home theatre, satellite TV, etc.) - video projectors and screens, plasma and LCD-TVs, Hi-Fi and High-End speaker systems, multi channel audio processors and amplifiers, DVD, CD players, etc.

Design, installing and setting up of integrated control systems for the electronic and electrical equipment - Smart House (any audio-visual equipment, lighting, blinds, air conditioning, security systems, PBX, etc.)

Design, installing and setting up sound integrating system for premises, automated systems for background music – Multi-room systems.

Our specialists will try and full fill all your wishes. We are ready to begin work on the design of you theatre or tv room, calculation of room acoustics and acoustic treatment.

Transparency in relations with our clients is of very high importance to us.

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